Course Contents

  • 60 Minutes of Video Lecture

    Comprehensive video lectures are broken up into small digestible bits to get you detailed information about planning, building, deploying and optimizing your FB ads campaign, without putting you to sleep!

  • 108 Minutes of Video Walk Throughs

    I provide step by step walk throughs of how to use the tools themselves. Including a start-to-finish FB ads campaign build and deployment, so you're not left guessing what to do.

  • 5 Cheat Sheets Totaling 40 Pages

    Includes a Field Guide of important links and resources. An audience targeting worksheet. A guide to creating audiences. A comprehensive pre-campaign checklist. And a start to finish campaign creation walkthrough with screenshots.

Course curriculum

  • 1
    • Welcome to DIY FB Ads for List Building!
  • 2
    • Why List Building?
    • The Customer Journey
  • 3
    Account Setup
    • Business Manager & Pixel Setup
  • 4
    FB Ads Concepts
    • Places You'll Be Working Most
    • The Facebook Pixel
    • Audiences
    • Campaigns, Ad Sets, and Ads!
    • Conversions
    • Retargeting
  • 5
    Audience Research
    • Finding the Perfect Audience for Your Ads
  • 6
    Components of a List Building Campaign
    • Introduction & The Funnels
    • Video Best Practices
    • Image Best Practices
    • Copywriting Tips
    • Landing Page Tips
  • 7
    Launching Your First Ads Campaign
    • Creating A Live Campaign
  • 8
    Interpreting Results
    • Reviewing Results
  • 9
    • 1. Field Guide - DIY FB Ads for List Building
    • 2. Audience Targeting - Sheet1
    • 3. Creating Audiences For Your Campaign
    • 4. Facebook Ads Pre-Campaign Checklist
    • 5. Campaign Creation Walkthrough
  • 10
    • The New Searchable Ad Library
    • Adding Subtitles to Videos
    • The Better Boost Blueprint
  • 11
    Next steps
    • Congrats! Here's what's next...


  • Does this course cover launches & product sales?

    No. This course covers list building campaigns only. This includes image and video ads, and how to retarget based on a video viewing audience.

  • I have a local business. Can this help me?

    The concepts taught here could apply to generating leads for your physical business as well. You'd be sending ads traffic to a landing page similar to list building. (Just collect their phone number and follow up promptly!) We do not cover e-commerce in any way, shape, or form though.

  • There's something missing from the course. Can you add it?

    Most likely, yes. Email me and I'll update it.

  • Can I share my login with a VA or partner?

    Please only one person per enrollment. This is already steeply discounted.

  • What is your refund policy?

    If you're not satisfied with the contents of this course within the first 14 days, I will offer a refund.